Our Goals

Conversation Ready NTX is a grass roots initiative to not only encourage people to have the conversation but also have their wishes respected.  We want to help de-stigmatize the topic of end-of-life planning. We want to help empower people to think  about how they want to live at the end of their life. We want to help family members and health care proxies understand how important it is to discuss what their loved ones would want at the end of their life. We want to help make North Texas "Conversation Ready".


All ages

Conversation Ready NTX is an inclusive and collaborative effort to spread awareness about end-of-life issues. This is not an older person's issue...it concerns people of all ages. This is not an ill person's issue...it effects all of us. 


interested in being a part of Conversation Ready NTX?

We welcome ideas, thoughts and diversity. We want to share, grow and think big! 

  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Health Care Agencies
  • Community Volunteers
  • Support Group Leaders
  • Financial Planners and Attorneys
  • And more