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Let's Get Talking!

Our Mission: To encourage people to discuss and share their wishes for end-of-life care.



Community Champions

These community champions understand that discussing death and end of life matters are difficult. Difficult, uncomfortable, unsettling yet totally necessary. They understand that it doesn't make death any less sad but being prepared and knowing what our loved one's wishes are will help at that most difficult time in life. These are community champions and advocates and we say "Thank You!". 




Everyone has a story. We would love to hear yours. If you have had a positive experience about a friend, loved one, client or patient having a good life until the end, we want to share it and help others understand the gift of conversation. 




Starter Kits 

The various Starter Kits are useful tools to help you  or your loved have the conversation about one's wishes and values. Feel free to download the various kits created by The Conversation Project.

helpful websites

Here is a collection of helpful websites. This list will be a work in progress. 

videos and more

Here are some helpful videos, books and more. Contact us to add your favorite.