Don't panic poem

Even when people express their end-of-life care wishes, honoring their choices can be challenging or impractical. Dr. Karen Boudreau’s family knows this from experience. She wrote this letter to her loved ones to offer guidance in case they ever need to make difficult decisions at the end of her life. The Conversation Project has shared this letter with many people who have been inspired by its compassion to have “the conversation” with their own families.

Diane Sawyer features The Conversation Project on ABC World News.

practice makes perfect

We know that starting conversations about end-of-life care wishes with your loved ones can be hard, and we are here to help.

IHI 6 Voices

Six professionals at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement talk about what it means to talk about end-of-life care with their loved ones.

a soul Doctor and a jazz singer

Dr. Lachlan Forrow, MD, advisor to The Conversation Project, talks about what it means to his patients to have a good day. One terminally ill patient, Dolly Baker, says that for her a good day is one where she is able to sing.

Audio Version of the Starter Kit. Read by Ellen Goodman, Founder of the Conversation Project.

In her TEDxTufts talk, Isabel Merrin tackles ideas about death and dying, and why young people are so afraid to have these tricky conversations. Through her experiences working in hospice care, Isabel has developed a unique perspective on end of life care. Isabel is a senior studying Art History.